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VooPlayer Alternatives for video marketing

VooPlayer is one of our favorite tools in the marketing field. It is a video hosting site and marketing platform that is a solution to a lot of problems for marketers.

But before we dive into why it’s such a great tool and VooPlayer alternatives, I should start from the basics.

What is a video hosting site?

A video hosting site is someplace you can upload your videos and share them on emails, or embed on websites, etc..

A variation of a video hosting service is one where they let you edit your videos, or create new ones entirely and host them. 

Some services host your videos and then gives you control of the marketing side for these videos. VooPlayer falls in this category. 

Can video hosting sites be marketing platforms?

Yes, and considering video is the best-engaging type of content, marketing them became a necessity.

It is one thing to create a good marketing video, but another thing entirely to package it in a way that engages

In these situations, you need a bit more than a basic video hosting service. 

You need good speed to ensure the videos aren’t buffering in the crucial first minute your visitor is on the site.

You need customizability so that the videos on your site look like they belong to that website. 

You need a security element to control the access to some of your videos to certain users.

You need analytics to know which of your videos are engaging and which ones are below par. 

Then you need integrations with your other marketing tools so that the leads you generate are stored and categorized properly.

It is these features that VooPlayer and its competitors, like Wistia and Dubb, provide to brands and marketers. 

What features does VooPlayer offer?

vooplayer-vooplayer alternatives

Now that we’ve established what is expected of a video hosting site that is also a marketing platform, let’s check out VooPlayer.

1. Hosting

Hosting is the basic service from VooPlayer. You can upload marketing videos you’ve made onto their cloud-based servers.

They ensure the speed of your videos is top-tier no matter where you embed or link it. You even have access to turbo bandwidth if required. 

They support a variety of formats. This ensures you don’t have to keep converting your videos to a standard format.

VooPlayer even supports 360-videos. 

2. Video player

VooPlayer has built a video player that is so customizable that it will suit any design you have on your website or blog.

You can change appearance, the way the controls appear and add elements like clickable CTAs at specific timestamps. 

3. Marketing

This is the part where VooPlayer truly shines. It has a roster of marketing options that makes it an excellent tool.

Marketing features include email gating – where they get to watch a video only after entering their name and email.

A similar feature lets you make a video available only after a visitor shares a particular message on a selected social platform.

4. Analytics

No marketing toolkit is complete without the analytics side to stitch it all together.

VooPlayer gives you detailed analytics that tells you exactly which pieces of content is performing well for you.

This lets you gradually and effectively fine-tune your content strategy with time. This is crucial. 

5. Security

The folks at VooPlayer can also assure the products of your hard work are not stolen off your website.

This is particularly important for smaller businesses that cannot afford the time or effort it takes to ensure no one else is using your material for their benefit. 

There’s even a facility where a user must enter a password to watch certain videos.

6. Integrations

Every tool understands that it is part of a larger picture. VooPlayer is no different. 

It allows users to integrate VooPlayer with their other tools seamlessly.

What are the advantages of using VooPlayer?

What are the specific features that give VooPlayer an edge over the competition?

1. Content gating

This is an important feature. Because making good content is not an easy task.

But it is almost criminal in marketing terms, to not leverage good content for leads.

Gating content is a great way to ensure this doesn’t happen. Ask users to enter their email/phone or share their comments on social platforms before they can watch a video.

You can make certain videos pay-per-view, although the use cases may be minimal for marketers. But the facility is there if need be. 

2. HTML5 Player

A video player that works everywhere. This includes OS & mobile devices, where it adjusts for seamless viewing.

Embedding is a breeze on any kind of website or content platform you may be using.

3. Stream any video on the customized player.

You will notice that whenever a YouTube video is embedded in a page, it is the YouTube window directly lifted onto the page.

It completely disregards the design of the page it’s on. Though this is still convenient and acceptable, VooPlayer gives a great alternative.

With its video player, you can stream videos from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion, but on the VooPlayer.

The VooPlayer can be customized to match the design of your blog/website.

This makes for a much better user XP.

4. Timed CTAs

You can set up videos in such a way that it asks the user to perform an action at a specific timestamp.

An example is if you’re explaining 6 different products. After each explanation, you can make it so that the user sees a button redirecting them to the product page.

This is one of many applications of timed CTAs.

5. Built-in audience builder

VooPlayer lets you collect audience information and store it with them. 

This makes it a potent lead-gen tool on its own. 

You can then filter this audience based on watched percentage, device type, funnel answers, and more.

6. Viewer-based heatmaps

This is an excellent feature to have. It shows you exactly how much of your videos are watched.

Which sections are watched most, and which ones are skipped over. This is priceless data for a video-based marketing campaign.

Without analytics like this, your game would stagnate and not improve with experience.

VooPlayer Alternatives

Though we’re fans of VooPlayer, we are also aware that there are plenty of great alternatives. 

I wouldn’t call any of these ‘better’ options in any case. But they do offer different features to the popular VooPlayer.

1. Wave.Video

wave-video-vooplayer alternatives

Wave, as it stands, is an excellent place to host, edit, and share marketing videos.

But I’m assessing it based on the tool-makers’ recent announcement of Wave.Video 4.0.

Wave 4.0 will be the complete video marketing solution if their release announcement is to be believed.

It’ll use clickable CTAs, automatic video landing pages to create a Video Funnel.

This is a concept by which you handle all stages of a customer journey with just video. This includes the conversion stage as well.

Truly remarkable stuff. I cover it in more detail in this post.

2. Vimeo

vimeo-vooplayer alternatives

Though it is one of the giants of video hosting, it still gives marketers a lot of options.

Commercial content is banned on Vimeo, but a marketer usually works more with non-commercial stuff anyway.

The biggest thing is that for paid users, Vimeo ensures any videos embedded on your site don’t play or recommend any random videos.

This is a primary concern, and it is resolved right off the bat. Publishing to your social media profiles is made easy with Vimeo. 

There are powerful lead capture, engagement, and analytics tools that make marketing effective on Vimeo.

l lead capture, engagement, and analytics tools that make marketing effective on Vimeo.

3. Wistia

wistia-vooplayer alternatives

This is an excellent marketing platform based on video.

It shares many similarities with VooPlayer. It has a customizable video player, to which you can add email gating, clickable CTAs, and other options.

You can create your own channel on your website. This ensures you can queue up related videos from your own library for your audience. 

It even has an auto-play feature to this feature together nicely.

You can also collect visitor information using your videos. This is crucial in its usability as a marketing tool. 

4. Vidyard

vidyard-vooplayer alternatives

Vidyard is a business-centric tool that has all its features focused on converting visitors into leads and then later to customers.

With Vidyard, you can boost your normal engagement 2-5X with personalized video, split testing, and content optimized to drive results. 

There is even a central dashboard that monitors your videos’ performance from its many platforms. 

This lets you adjust your strategy accordingly and further improve performance. 

5. VdoCipher

vdocipher-vooplayer alternatives

VdoCipher is a great platform for marketing and especially e-learning.

It has a watermarking feature that deters screen capture. You can add geo-restrictions for further security.

You can even integrate with WordPress websites easily using VdoCipher.

6. Dubb

dubb-vooplayer alternatives

Dubbs allows you to create, distribute and track the performance of your marketing videos. 

It lets you create videos that you can then distribute through a variety of channels like email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.

Then get detailed tracking data as email opens & clicks, video watches, page views, CTA clicks, and so on.

It even has the ability to instantly create a video landing page, for much higher conversions. 


VooPlayer is a solid option if you are video-centric in your marketing.

There are also other options that I’ve listed that you can use for the same purpose.

I hope the explanation I’ve offered for each is enough for you to get a clearer idea of the tool you’ll ultimately end up picking.

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