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Video Funnels by Wave.Video

Marketers know that when it comes to creating engagement with your audience, video is king.

We also know that marketing funnels are an excellent concept to use if you want your audience to take action, any action. 

It’s been accepted that video has its role somewhere at the top of your funnel. Its responsibility is to get people in. That’s it.

But Wave video has challenged that notion with their hugely anticipated release of 4.0. And that is around the concept of video funnels. 

But before we get to the exciting part about what video funnels are why they’re great, let’s get the basics settled.

Video is king

It is the best converting type of content. Across all social platforms and stages of marketing. 

Top 10 video strategies used by businesses

Now when it comes to video, there are several ways you can use it for your brand/business.

1. Video ads

2. Content promotion

3. Video in email

4. Customer testimonials

5. Fb and Instagram stories

6. Employee stories

7. Live videos and webinars

8. Fb covers

9. Episodic shows

10. Event promos

These are now expected from any brand to keep their customers informed and engaged. And brands want to do more of these because they can see the improvement in results.

Video for B2B

It even works in a B2B setting as seen in the importance of video on LinkedIn nowadays. The trend is clear and must be followed.

What is a traditional marketing funnel?

Now, let’s talk about the other piece of the video funnel concept, marketing funnels. They are a fixture for digital marketers.

A marketing funnel is a simple way to break down the customer journey. 

marketing-funnel-video funnels by wave
Source: code95

In short:

  • Awareness – tell the customer they have a problem
  • Consideration – give them potential solutions including your own
  • Conversion – tell them why your product is the best pick
  • Loyalty & Advocacy – support them well and have them recommend your product

What is a video funnel?

A video funnel is simply executing your marketing funnel through video content. 

Instead of using email and images and written content for lead generation and conversion, you’d use videos.

It is about splitting from the traditional way of mixing up content, and instead focusing on video. Trust that the most engaging type of content will work as desired. 

The Wave team used the example of a marketing campaign for a manhole cover company. It used a version of a video funnel.

mr-manhole-video-funnels by wave

Video funnels by Wave.Video

This brings us back to Video funnels. We’ve already established that videos fit perfectly into the top of the funnel.

They’re great at explaining the problem and offering various solutions. But when you have to get down to business, you still have to have your leads click a link and sign up. 

What could videos possibly do to help in the Conversion stage? This notion is exactly what Wave is about to challenge.

What is Wave.Video?

Wave.Video is an online video-maker. It lets you upload clips and edit videos, which you then upload to various social platforms, or put them in your mail, or embed it in your website.

It is a great tool, but there are alternatives that will let you do something similar.

So they felt they had to go and up their game.

What is Wave.Video 4.0?

They recently revealed their plans for the 4.0 version of their tool in a 50-minute video. I happened to watch it live, which meant I’ve had some time to digest and assess the information. 

What 4.0 aims to do, and will soon achieve, is having an entire funnel built with video. Specifically, video built on Wave.

wave-vision-video funnels by wave

No more multiple subscriptions to build out each element of the funnel. Just one all-in-one solution to let people know they have a problem, that there are solutions, and that yours is the best of the lot.

But first let’s see if we can actually map out a video funnel, the way you can with a traditional marketing funnel. 

A video funnel, roughly, can be broken down into the same stages as the traditional one.

Stage 1 – Awareness

This one’s an easy stage to do via video. A video that covers and explains a problem.

It wouldn’t be a targeted video. Just an engaging, well-explained, well-produced piece that covers every aspect of the problem.

Your brand would hardly feature in this video.

Stage 2 – Consideration

This would be a video on how to solve their problems. This would preferably be targeted at those that have watched your last video or have interests that point to them facing the problem. 

You can have a list video that goes through all the solutions available on the market, including yours.

Customer testimonials add huge value to this stage of your video funnel. 

This is still quite basic info. Most of you would be doing this already.

Stage 3 – Conversion

This is where Wave.Video shattered expectations with their presentation. What would normally be a place for links and text, can now be video.

This will be done with 2 major features. First is clickable CTAs in your video!!

No longer do you have to ask them to look for a link in the description, and go to a page. You can make elements inside your video clickable

This can be logos, images, or text that can be made clickable. This way they never have to leave the video.

All relevant info and links are inside it. This means they truly never leave your funnel. 

This means that if they show an interest in your product, you don’t have to ask them to enter their email to avail an offer.

This means if you construct it right, the offer will be introduced in the video at a certain time, and they can click on the video to buy it. A no-lag approach

And once they do click on the CTA, they go to the 2nd major element. A video landing page.

Simply put, it is a traditional landing page, but with a video doing all the work. The video will take up almost all the visible areas.

You can add some additional info in the text, but the only other key element here is the CTA button. A ‘buy’ button. 

Stage 4 – Loyalty

This would be done with live videos and webinars. You set-up a weekly Q&A session for your customers to air their grievances and suggest improvements.

A webinar to explain a big update goes a much longer way than an email in getting your customers updated.

Stage 5 – Advocacy

This is where you go on the social media offensive. Get your happy customers in front of the camera and have them give their thoughts on your product and your team.

Then edit them, into multiple posts, or a single one on your Facebook and Instagram pages. This is a lot better than talking up your product or service yourself. 

Advantages of Wave Video Funnels

It’s a bit to take in when it comes to you in one big burst. So I thought I’d list out all the advantages I saw with Wave 4.0.

What these will also do, is make one thing very clear. Wave has been listening to its audience

They’ve been working on 4.0 for the last year based on the feedback they’ve been getting from their customers and proceeded to build a version that solves them.

1. Repurpose one video into multiple pieces of content

This is usually the primary concern for businesses, especially the smaller ones.

The time it takes to create one video can be better utilized to create multiple pieces of text or image content.

Simplistically thinking, you get more information across in less time. Plus you have to create separate videos for separate channels.

You can have a long-form video on something like LinkedIn that goes in-depth. But you have to make a shorter, catchier version for YouTube or Facebook.

But with 4.0, you can take the same video and then repurpose them into multiple pieces fit for different channels.

This takes out the #1 complaint against video. That it takes too long, especially when most of us cannot afford teams that work exclusively on video.

You make one good piece and you’ll be good to go on all channels, for a while.

2. All your videos will be on the Wave server

Wave.Video hosts your videos so you don’t have to worry about self-hosting or downloading the edited version and posting them on various channels. 

The ones that you want to embed on your site, and link in your emails, will all be on the Wave server. Another logistical issue is taken care of.

You have complete control of your content as it is hosted on their server. 

3. Edit all your videos in one spot

Wave offers video editing. Make engaging videos, add logos, texts, and all the other trimmings with their video editor.

They’ve also talked up long-form videos as a factor. You can edit videos of up to 1 hour in length at lightning-fast speeds.

brand-building-video funnels by wave

Because, again, they’ve been listening to their audience. They know a small business can’t afford to sit back and say, “Right, we’ll spend a week on our promo video”.

4. Fully customizable video player

This was another feature that initially didn’t seem all that important. But then I got to thinking. Sure I can embed YouTube videos on my site. It beats self-hosting.

But then it sticks out like a sore thumb. But the Wave video player is fully customizable. It adjusts to the video you’ve uploaded.

If it was made for mobile, the player will be vertical to accommodate. If it is a normal wide video, the player will be the default horizontal panel. 

No annoying black bars on the top or to the sides of your clip, which make it look tacked on.

You can even customize the color scheme and controls to perfectly suit your brand/website.

video-player-video funnels by wave

This makes a huge difference for a visitor.

VdoCipher and VooPlayer are two other video hosting services that offer a customizable player. Check them out, if you want to see how customizing the website video player helps the user XP.

5. Edit video, but keep the same link

Another one that I absolutely loved. Something I hate to admit that I need, but I most certainly do. 

Imagine you make a 20-minute video that exquisitely explains every element of your product. It covers the basics, the specialties, and the secrets.

You love the work you’ve done, and you excitedly send out a burst mail to all your new customers with the link to the video.

Except for a while later, you notice a pretty silly typo popping up in every slide. With Wave, you can go right back into the editor, correct this awful eyesore, and not have to change the link you’ve sent out to everyone.

This is a lifesaver when you’re creating content constantly. You’re almost guaranteed to have a few errors here and there.

This feature ensures this doesn’t become a recurring headache.

It’s quite similar to what Vimeo allows their uploaders to do. 

6. Automatic video landing page

The feature that is at the core of video funnels. A video landing page that is AUTOMATICALLY created for you. 

No need to figure out what goes where. No more worrying about conversion being better if your CTA is at the top-right of the visible area with mild padding. 

No, you trust the video to do the job. All the visitors will have to do is click.

Dubb is another tool that provides this same feature, of instant video landing pages.

dubb-video-landing-page-video funnels by wave

7. Clickable CTAs

After all that, we now come to the outstanding element of 4.0.

Clickable CTAs. Make logos, text, or images in your video clickable. No detours, redirects or text forms. 

Do you like our product? Click on the logo, and we’ll take you right where you want to go.

Wistia offers something similar. They allow you to pause a video at specific times and give the audience time to click a link.

wistia-clickable-CTA-video funnels by wave

8. Huge stock of video clips and images

This is more like a cherry on top of all the other cherries. Wave even offers you 10 million+ premium images and clips to get your video just right. 

I need to take a break.

9. Analytics

Like any good marketing platform for video, Wave too will give you analytics to test and better your video funnel. 

A good reference to this is the analytics provided by HippoVideo.

hippo-demographic-report-video funnels by wave

These metrics are what’ll bring a strategic element to your video funnel, as you figure out what works best.

Wave Video – Video Funnels Pricing 

And all this goodness, that eliminates a mind-boggling number of subscriptions, comes under the business plan

It must take a chunk out of your monthly budget or be outside it entirely.

Not quite. You get all that for $97 a month

No, there are no upsells or upper limits. You don’t get just 10 videos that you can edit in a month or a 2 website limit where you can embed a video. 

You don’t have to pay extra after your 3rd video landing page. You’re not limited to one email integration unless you pay for an executive business plan. 

No $5 per hour of the edited video after the first 300 mins in a month.

All unlimited. That’s their promise.

Video Funnels- Launch Date

And the initial release is in December. After this, they’ll have successive updates until they cover all these features.

Once we have concrete dates, I’ll be sure to update this section.

Video Funnels – Pricing, Discount and Promo Code

There are no offers as of yet. Just that existing users get their plans automatically upgraded to Wave 4.0’s corresponding ones.

So existing users get to experience the full brilliance of video funnels at launch.


Then there are secret features they won’t reveal yet. Talk about getting stages 4 & 5 of their funnel right.

I will probably need another piece of content to explain how many tools this can replace. But by then it’ll be December, and it’ll be a video built on Wave.

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