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The 5 best Reddit online business resources (2019)

One of the best things about Reddit is how you can find anything and everything related to a topic. In this case, it’s online business you’re after. It can lead to a lot of clicking into and out of a great many threads on Reddit and other sources.

What I’m doing here is the antidote to that. I have curated some of the best Reddit online business resources.

I’ll be adding to this whenever I come across a new thread from across Reddit.

Who’s this for?

This resource is meant for anyone about to launch an online business or thinking of starting one. Thanks to places like Reddit, a lot of lessons you would learn from your own experience, are already available at your fingertips.

I had a similar thing with blogging where I first went in blind. But after a while I realized I would’ve gone in better equipped if I were just prepared to look. There are resources and case studies readily available.

It’s just a matter of separating the good stuff from the noise. This is a collection of such lessons in one place, so you don’t make mistakes you can easily avoid and give your business a kick when it needs one most. Right at the start.

Why use Reddit?

First of all, Reddit is ridiculously popular. It’s a place where even the bigwigs come to interact. Even in this post, you’ll see one from Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit.

That sort of access is hard to come by in normal conditions. And even after he posts a very detailed write-up about his lessons, there is an interaction that follows it. Others like us have a chance to ask their questions and have someone like Nathan post a reply.

Secondly, there is social proof built into the Reddit format. If someone does post something vaguely useful or recycled, there is instant auditing. Instant auditing from others involved in the same business, in this case online business.

This tends to dissuade posers and flat content. This makes it an excellent place to get top content followed by an engaging conversation between the OP and interested individuals.

Reddit Online Business Threads

We’ll start with the titular Reddit threads. There’s so much good stuff to dive into in Reddit. And it’s found across a lot of sub-reddits. I know because I checked. And it took some time, but I have enough to start off an ever-evolving post about good content on online business.

Getting blogging for your business right

Building a blog around your online business has become an absolute necessity in the past few years. It is a sign of investment and time you’ve put into the business. It shows the pivots and the evolution of your product or service.

A post on Reddit explains how you’d go about building a blog for your business.

The OP explains the value of putting in the effort of building a blog rather than outsourcing it. And how not to compromise on quality in pursuit of a large body of content.

Quantity is still a factor of course. The claim is to have at least 40K words of solid content. If you’re doing it right, that will take time. But the pay-off is worth the effort and time. It’s a long read but you’ll be very glad you took the time.

Major advice from the maker of ConvertKit

You can learn a lot from the people who’ve gone and made millions with an online business. Especially when that online business happens to be enabling other online businesses.

Enabling your business is exactly what Nathan Barry of ConvertKit does with a post on Reddit.

He is a regular contributor on Reddit, which is a a good strategy right there, and lists 15 reasons why (better than Netflix) they make the humongous recurring revenue that they do.

The amount just happens to be $15 million annually. There’s reference to the team culture they’ve built on the way to this number. There is a lot to be learned from the experience he’s gathered.

A starters’ toolkit for online businesses

The primary function of ActionableTools is to provide the right advice when it comes to tools you need for any business with an online element.

I came across a thread that has done the same for startups.

Quite a lot of them were tools already on my radar. But I got a lot of new options to check out from this post.

I’ll be spending some time on those, but in the meanwhile, the list can be a big asset for anyone starting out. It covers every category from design and website hosting options to tools that help with legal and invoicing.

Getting Facebook ads right for your business

You will have to use paid or organic advertising to launch your business. It’s usually a combination of the two. But before you do, there is a lot you can learn from the failures and successes of others.

A post on Reddit has the lessons from a Facebook ads auditor.

It’s a very detailed post that goes into each element of a Facebook ad. Thumbnails, logos, messaging, how much text, how much face-time and every other question you can ask about a Facebook ad is covered.

The OP is nice enough to offer suggestions wherever there is a good reason to go either way with a decision, like if you should add large font messages to your ad.

A feasible Instagram strategy

We go from a post on paid advertising to one on organic advertising. You will likely have to advertise across all social media platforms. Instagram is one of these places.

A detailed post on Reddit goes into minute detail about an organic Instagram strategy.

I do love a detailed post. What this does is it starts a very advanced conversation below it, as everyone’s already informed of the bulk of the matter.

This post for instance covers the time you are advised to post your content, benefits of fostering a community with other influencers, how important banning the wrong sort of people is an important part of your Instagram strategy and other valuable points.

A counter-argument to paid advertising

Although paid advertising is a major tool available to you when promoting your business. But there has to be a solid strategy behind it.

A Reddit post explains Starbucks’ misadventure on Facebook.

Starbucks managed a 36 million large following using an aggressive strategy on Facebook. The problem arose when they tried to engage and there wasn’t much of a reaction.

This is a good thing to keep in mind when advertising, especially paid, and you’re not clear on the sort of engagement you want. Numbers for the sake of numbers is a bad way to go about it and destined to fail.

A great landing page

Once you do advertise and get the right kind of engagement, you will start seeing big numbers on your traffic page, volume-wise.

Here, the OP explains how he increased his client’s landing page conversions by more than 5X.

One of the things I liked most was the explanation of how a landing page doesn’t work in isolation. So there is no such thing as a perfect landing page you can aspire to. The OP even set up another thread to critique others’ landing pages.

Payment integration options for your website

You will most likely have a store page set up on your site for your products and services. PayPal is the most popular payment tool available.

I found a post that offers up a few alternatives to PayPal.

It gives a small explanation for each option currently vying for market share. This includes my personal favorite, the Stripe payment gateway.

The importance of automation

This is probably more useful for a business well into its operation. But I think it’s an important lesson for someone starting out too. After all, the point of this post is to learn from others’ experiences and save yourself the learning process.

There is a discussion about the importance of automating your daily petty work.

It makes the timeless time vs money argument in favor of time. The argument is short from someone who owns a business that handles automation of tasks. But it’s a strong argument that can be expanded into a lot of your activities.

The time saved may not seem very useful in the short-term. But it tends to pay off in the long-term quite handsomely if you pick and choose the right tasks and the right tools to invest in.

I already have the tools ready for automating my social media posts on various platforms. I’m confident these will pay off when I start my social media activity in earnest.

A general Q&A

I prefer being specific with resource links. It makes it easier for the reader to figure out if something is valuable or not.

But I thought I’d include a Q&A that covers 60 questions posted on Quora, that has to do with entrepreneurship.

These are questions that deal with issues from ideation to ones to do with dealing with clients. That’s a pretty broad slice to deal with, but the OP covers good ground in this thread.

YouTube videos

I thought I’d stick to just Reddit threads you’ll find useful. But for a topic like online business, there’s a fair amount of content on other platforms too. So I thought I’d include a few videos on YouTube that dealt with the same topic.

Online business you should look into in 2019

If you’re still looking for good arenas to launch an online business in, there are a few good ideas for you to look at.

This video tells you 5 great online businesses to try to get into this year. Some of these like subscription boxes have seen great reception in the last couple of years. So they could still be some way to get to a peak, which is a great time to get into a business

The next one has some other ideas for an online business. The focus being on businesses that don’t require much money to start up. Chris’s channel is a good resource in general for online businesses, so make sure to check the channel out.

A checklist for your online store

Going back to setting up a store page on your website or for a drop-shopping page, you’ll need to make sure a few things are taken care of.

Oberlo is a massive drop-shipping business, so they have a lot of wisdom to offer. The video has 9 things you should decide on before you can set up a successful store page.

An e-commerce case study

Sticking with e-commerce, I thought I’d link a video from one of the channels I visit often.

Here, Sebastian shares the details of his successful (wildly) drop-shipping efforts. He goes through the details of how he went about setting up his Shopify store and the results from these efforts. It’s a fascinating watch and definitely recommended if you’ve been planning to do something similar.


I happened across a couple of blogs that I thought would be helpful too.

There’s one from Entrepreneur, that explains the absolute basics of figuring out an online business right for you. It’s step 0 in your journey. It’s more exploration stage than operations. So it’s not very useful for a business that’s already up and running.

Going from step 0 to an absolute monster of a blog. This one’s from Ramit Sethi, a well-known Finances guru and a huge influencer. He leads with what he’s gained from his online business. The benefits from choosing this path.

Then signing up for the newsletter gives you all the details. Zero to Launch. His words not mine. It’s a great resource that covers every little detail of his journey. Do check it out if you don’t mind giving him your email id.

Your takeaway

I’ll be updating this page whenever I come across something interesting.

Your side of the deal is simple, keep checking back to see what’s good and fresh in the world of online business.

I’ll primarily be concentrating on Reddit Online Bussiness threads for the reasons mentioned at the start of the post. But if i did miss something, let me know.