35 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to build your brand

If you’re looking to get into podcasting now, there are two fundamental questions to answer: 

  • What will the podcast be about?
  • What Podcast hosting site will you use?

A podcast hosting site is a service you use to upload your podcast episodes, enter title and description, and make it publicly available for a potential audience to find and listen to.

They vary in pricing, how much audio you can upload, how much bandwidth they offer, how it helps you market your podcast through subscription and social media, and what feature they offer in terms of making money through this podcast. 

In this post, we have put together a list of every major podcast hosting platform in the market. 

But before we post a comprehensive breakdown of the best podcast hosting sites, here’s a quick run-through of our recommendations.

Here's what we'll cover

Best Podcast Hosting Sites – A Quick Guide

Run a newsletter+blog+podcast with SubStack.


Squarespace has extended its website hosting to support podcasts as an add-on.


Let the GIANT team take care of all your website creation and maintenance for the entire subscription period.


Share your podcasts easily on any WP-run website.


Get high-end WordPress sites set up for your podcast.


Free hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth.


Make podcasts on the go with Podomatic’s phone app.


Monetize through ad revenue, subscription revenue, and audience donations with RedCircle.


Jump aboard SoundCloud as they expand their audio empire into podcasting.


Get featured on the hugely popular CastBox podcast-listening app.


Make podcasts on your phone, completely free of charge.


Make high-quality audio stories with Resonate’s excellent audio mixing and production.


Organize your podcasts into playlists and seasons with Ausha.


Make podcasts with the best editing interface available.


Boost podcast engagement with show notes and live chat.


Set up your own paid premium podcasts with IonoFM.


Get podcasts with the best audio quality.


ShoutEngine comes with industry-leading analytics.


Use PineCast’s Tip Jar feature to monetize your podcast, directly from your audience.


An ad-free experience for your podcast audience.


The perfect podcasting solution for large enterprises


The podcast comes with a responsive website and blog for better outreach.


Whooshkaa’s podcast player makes social sharing super-easy.


Get access to a big number of advertisers for your podcast.


Use the most organized dashboard for podcast production.


Get massive reach by being featured on the PodParadise listening app.


The home of some of the most well-known podcasters.


The best way to manage your podcast from the comfort of your WordPress website.


Choose from a variety of branded partnerships for your podcast.


Comes with its own podcast curation, where you will be promoted


The most attractive looking websites for your podcast.


The podcast platform with the greatest variety of monetization options.


Your best option to host multiple podcasts, including private ones.


The platform with the best looking podcast player.


All things considered, the best podcast hosting platform.


Now we’ll look at these options a lot more closely, and try to make it clear why every option has its merits and that it might be perfect for you.

For each of these platforms, we list the pricing plans, how the podcast hosting service helps you make money, and the one stand-out feature of that platform. 

Moreover, we also listed free podcast hosting options for someone looking to see if podcasting is a viable activity for them.

There are also hosting options that offer full-fledged website hosting along with the podcast hosting, or website hosts that offer podcasting as an add-on. These platforms make a separate list. 

The 24 Best Podcast hosting websites

1. BuzzSprout

BuzzSprout is one of the market leaders when it comes to hosting your podcast. It was started in 2009.

BuzzSprout has helped launch over 100,000 podcasts so far, in a little over a decade.

What does BuzzSprout cost?

BuzzSprout has a free plan that restricts you to 2 uploads a month and lets you try it out for 90 days. 

The premium plan at $24 a month lets you upload up to 12 hours of quality audio with perks like unlimited storage and team members to collaborate with. 

They don’t put ads into your podcast episodes, once you are on the paid plan.

How does BuzzSprout help you make money?

BuzzSprout believes affiliate marketing is the best way for a podcaster to make money. With this in mind, they’ve created the BuzzSprout affiliate marketplace

They’ve partnered with brands like InstaCart, Buffy, and AllsWell. You can now sign up as an affiliate for these companies with your BuzzSprout account.

Any new features on BuzzSprout?

The platform has seen a couple of newer features:

  • The BuzzSprout affiliate marketplace is one of the newer additions to the BuzzSprout feature list.
    It gives you a clear way to monetize your podcast as soon as they start getting good numbers.
  • They also revamped their usage statistics section on a user dashboard, to be more intuitive.
    You can now see exactly how well you’re doing in terms of downloads, plays, and regional breakdowns at a glance.
    Here’s a screenshot of the analytics provided by BuzzSprout. In my opinion, it’s a lot more informative than the Google Analytics dashboard.
buzzsprout-analytics-best podcast hosting sites
  • Their podcast player has also gotten a sleek makeover. Here’s a screenshot of the BuzzSprout podcast player.
buzzsprout-player-best podcast hosting sites

Why is BuzzSprout your best podcasting option?

BuzzSprout is the fastest, best-designed dashboard you’ll see for a podcast host. The interface makes it very easy for someone new to set up a whole new podcast. 

These guys have been in the business for 11 years. Long-time podcaster Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income fame, recommends this hosting option as the choice for those who want to kickstart their podcast. 

Kickstart your podcasting journey with BuzzSprout

Use this link to sign up for BuzzSprout, and get a 20$ Amazon gift card, and utilize the best podcast hosting platform.

2. Captivate

Captivate prides itself on its ability to scale its offerings with the need of its users. This means being extremely beginner-friendly, and then adding options for market and monetize your podcast as you grow.

Since its target audience is smaller, independent creators, their bet is on growing their existing pool of users rather than a large number of sign-ups.

captivate-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

What does Captivate cost?

Captivate paid plans start at $19 a month, giving you 12k downloads a month. 

Audio Influencer ($49 a month) gives you 60k downloads, and Podcast Brand ($99 a month) gives you 150k downloads. 

The elegance of Captivate is that all plans have access to their entire feature-list. Only the allotted downloads per month change with the monthly rate.

How does Captivate help you make money?

Monetization would come from utilizing Captivate’s marketing features like podcast websites with donation support.

Any new features on Captivate?

There are a couple of new features to watch out for:

  • With the new Captivate Sync, you can link your WordPress site to your podcast hosting account.
    That means changes in your Captivate dashboard, like creation or deletion, will be reflected on the WordPress site.
captivate-wordpress-best podcast hosting sites
  • You can set auto-expiration on your episodes for limited-time content.

What makes Captivate one of the best podcast hosts?

Their standout feature has to be their podcast player, which is easily one of the most good-looking options out there. 

You can change it to match the look of your brand while retaining its sleek appearance.

captivate-player-best podcast hosting sites

This player comes with the option to integrate CTAs like subscribing to an email list.

Play on Captivate’s excellent podcast player

Use Captivate’s Captivate’s industry-leading podcast player to grab attention from your audience.

3. Transistor

Transistor is a podcast hosting platform that has become a favorite among creatives, businesses, and professional podcasters. 

transistor-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

Their popular users include Ashley Baxter, and Lew Later.

What does Transistor cost?

Their plans range from Starter ($19 a month) to Professional ($49 a month), to Business ($99 a month). They all come with a built-in podcast website

The difference is the number of downloads you can support. The Starter plan has a limit of 10K while Business gives you 150K.

Does Transistor help you make money?

Transistor does not have any features that support monetization. But you can add your Patreon details on your Podcast website, or invite advertisers.

Any new features on Transistor?

There are a couple of things to look at:

  • Transistor has added a feature of Private Podcasts. With the Pro or Business plan, you can upload episodes that are not publicly accessible. This is great for in-company content.
  • They also have a sleek podcast player to embed on your website.
transistor-player-best podcast hosting sites

Why is Transistor a great podcast host?

Transistor is somewhat unique in the space because they let you host as many separate podcasts as you want on your plan. 

Make multiple podcasts with Transistor

Experiment with as many podcasts as you’d like with Transistor’s variety of podcasting plans. 

4. PodBean

PodBean is a name that’s been in the podcast media hosting business for over 10 years. 

The PodBean platform boasts an incredibly easy-to-use UI that is rated highly by beginners and experts.

Not many platforms can compete with PodBean’s numbers. They’ve catered to 460,000 podcasters who’ve put out 11 million episodes. 

The platform has seen more than 7.2 billion downloads.

What does PodBean cost?

PodBean offers a free plan that will last forever. The drawback is that you can only upload 5 hours of audio files. 

The Unlimited Plus plan at $29 a month gives unlimited bandwidth and full access to PodBean’s video podcasting and monetization features.

How does PodBean help you make money?

PodBean helps you set up a podcast with a freemium model. 

A freemium model lets you offer an ad-free experience for premium customers. Below is a screenshot of how it would look for an audience member.

podbean-donation-best podcast hosting sites

Else, you can use a built-in dynamic advertising system or a Patreon-like setup to monetize.

Any new features for PodBean?

PodBean recently improved its audio capture and editing tools. 

This differentiates the quality of audio files you get on the platform compared to fully free podcast hosting platforms like Anchor FM.

Why is PodBean a great podcast host?

PodBean has the best variety of monetization options for a podcaster. 

PodBean has a Patron option, where your audience can donate to support your podcast without any content gating. This is what a donation page will look like.

podbean-monetization-best podcast hosting sites

This combined with the option to host a premium podcast gives you flexibility in how you can make money. 

Monetize your podcast quickly with PodBean

Set up a podcast with ease, and monetize efficiently by setting up a premium podcast or Patron page to accept donations. 

5. SimpleCast

SimpleCast is an established name in podcast hosting. They started in 2013 and set about building an all-in-one solution for podcasters. 

This includes easy publishing to all podcast aggregation sites, superb analysis tools, beautiful podcast websites, and super-effective marketing tools. 

The result is a platform used by brands like Nike, politico, and Kickstarter.

SimpleCast was acquired by SiriusXM in June 2020, to integrate it with AdsWizz, combining a podcast platform and an Ad platform. 

SimpleCast powers some popular podcasts like The Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Netflix, and Anna Faris is Unqualified.

What does SimpleCast cost?

They have no free plan. The basic plan starts at $15 a month, which gives you unlimited storage & uploads, 2 team members, an accompanying website with a domain, and a limit of 20K uploads a month. 

The Essential plan unlocks advanced analytics and ramps up the number of uploads to 50k a month, and 4 team members.

How does SimpleCast help you make money?

SimpleCast does not offer explicit monetization tools. 

They want to make sure marketing is handled well. An example of this is Recast. 

This feature lets you post short clips of a full episode on social sites for promotion purposes.

simplecast-recast-best podcast hosting sites

We think SimpleCast’s focus is on helping you build a large following that you can then leverage for affiliate marketing or subscriptions.

SimpleCast actively promotes the idea of affiliate marketing for their users. They hold weekly webinars to help users with this aspect.

Any new features on SimpleCast?

There are a couple of notable changes to SimpleCast:

  • They have a Dynamic Ad Insertion feature, which they call MAE. It came out in March this year.
  • Their podcast player has been re-imagined to look sleeker than ever. Here’s a screenshot of what it would like.
simplecast-player-best podcast hosting sites

Why is SimpleCast a great podcast host?

SimpleCast is best known for SimpleCast API 2.0. 

It lets you publish podcasts and create beautiful pages for them to be embedded in. You can build your own website with this tool. 

Here’s a demo of what a SimpleCast podcast page looks like.

simplecast-websites-best podcast hosting sites

Create a beautiful Podcast experience with SimpleCast

Design the best-looking podcast websites with SimpleCast to give your audience the most memorable experience. 

6. Spreaker

Spreaker is a podcasting platform that hosts popular shows like Grit Happens, Reverie True Crime, and the Major Wrestling Figure podcast

Go on their homepage to find a large library of hosted podcasts split across 20 categories.

What does Spreaker Cost?

Spreaker plans start at a very affordable 6$ a month, which does allow you to host multiple podcasts. 

Their higher-end Anchorman plan gives you access to advanced analytics at $45 a month. 

It also gives you the option to customize the player you embed on websites. Here’s one of the designs of one of the best podcast players.

spreaker-phone-app-best podcast hosting sites

How does Spreaker help you make money?

Spreaker helps monetization with a very handy advertising system that lets you choose exactly where you can place ads. 

This beats the traditional system where the platform chooses where the ads go, disturbing the user experience.

Any new additions to Spreaker?

There are a couple of notable additions:

  • Spreaker recently added JioSaavn to its list of distribution channels. JioSaavn is one of the most popular channels in South-east Asia.
  • They’ve also added the option of a Publisher plan because they want to make sure the specific needs of every user are met.
  • It is built on some base features which you can then expand on for a negotiable feature.

What makes Spreaker a dependable podcast host?

Spreaker is unique in that they themselves curate and promote podcasts on their own discovery service. 

This has led to people coming on to Spreaker to discover podcasters they can book. 

Below is a screenshot of the staff picks that are featured on their homepage.

spreaker-staff-picks-best podcast hosting sites

Get discovered with a Spreaker-hosted podcast

Leverage the discovery service provided by Spreaker to host and grab the attention of their audience.

7. AudioBoom

AudioBoom has made a unique name for itself with its own network of podcasts that range across genres like true crime, comedy, wellness, and more. 

Some of the most popular ones are Beyond the Grid, and Here’s the Sitch.

What does AudioBoom cost?

The pricing starts at $9.99 a month. If you’re one of the podcasters who cross 10k plays per episode, you can negotiate your plan based on the brand partnerships fit for you.

This is called the Podcast Pros and gives you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited episodes, advanced analytics, and more.

How does AudioBoom help you make money?

Monetization is done through two main methods:

  • Placement of ads
  • A chance to be sponsored by brands brought in by AudioBoom.
audioboom-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

Any updates on AudioBoom?

The aggressive way of approaching content has meant that AudioBoom has put up offices of their own in new locations to expand their content creation capacity. 

They want to create their original content, much in the way a TV network or a streaming service would.

What makes AudioBoom a good platform for hosting a podcast?

The biggest advantage of working with AudioBoom is the access you get to their network of ads, sponsors, and branded partnerships.

audioboom-monetization-best podcast hosting sites

This makes monetization a lot more well-defined than with other platforms.

Find great branded partnerships with AudioBoom

Leverage AudioBoom’s variety of branded partnerships to get your podcast monetized quickly.

8. Castos

Castos is a hosting platform that gives you unlimited storage and uploads from the get-go. 

They play host to popular shows like the Keto Woman and Wellness Mama.

What does Castos cost?

The Starter plan comes to $16 a month, while the Growth plan ($41 a month) and Pro ($82 a month) plans add features like video republishing to YouTube. 

The higher-tier plans also give access to advanced analytics and audiogram integration. 

How does Castos help you make money?

Castos has an excellent way to monetize with the ability to host private podcasts on a subscription model.

Any new features on Castos?

Castos recently improved the functionality of its Podcast player:

  •  It now lets you embed the player on a page that is not podcast-enabled
  • Added light/dark mode
  • Added subscribe buttons
  • Built-in social shares.
castos-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes Castos a great podcast host?

Their trump card is the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin for WordPress integration. 

castos-plugin-best podcast hosting sites

This lets you manage your podcasts from the familiarity of your WordPress website, and will remain free forever. It is currently in use by over 20k+ podcasts

Power your podcast with your own WordPress website

Use the Seriously Simple WordPress plugin to make your WordPress site the headquarters for your podcast.

9. LibSyn

LibSyn is one of the earliest entities to offer podcast hosting as a service. It has collected quite a roster of podcasts to its name, like Dan Carlin and Mike Rowe.

LibSyn hosts 62,000+ podcasts, and has seen 11.1 million downloads. For the top 400 of the podcasts in the USA, LibSyn accounts for 28.2% of the downloads.

libsyn-podcasters-best podcast hosting sites

What does LibSyn cost?

Podcast hosting Libsyn offers starts at $5 a month, which only gives a storage limit of 50mb per month. The biggest plan- Advanced 800 – gives monthly storage of 800mb per month, at $40 per month.

How does LibSyn help you make money?

Monetization is done by putting ads in your podcast. These can be live-read or recorded ones. But you are eligible only if you get 5k downloads per month.

Any new updates about LibSyn?

They have ensured the recent move of podcasts from Google Music to Google podcasts will take place smoothly. 

They’ve streamlined their podcast player. Here’s a screenshot.

libsyn-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes LibSyn one of the best podcast hosts?

LibSyn is great at optimizing the new episodes of the podcast for distribution channels like Apple podcasts. This means discovery is a lot easier on these channels.

Join some of the most popular podcasters on LibSyn

Opt for the same hosting option as some of the most well-known podcasters, like Dan Carlin and Mike Rowe.

10. PodServe

PodServe is a beginner-friendly hosting service that benefits from its connection to PodParadise. The same person created both. If you don’t know, PodParadise is a popular podcast player software.

To put the PodParadise advantage in a number, the website sees 5000 visits a day.

What does PodServe cost?

PodServe has one plan, for $19 a month. You can host unlimited podcasts with unlimited storage, with your podcast appearing on all major aggregation sites.

How does PodServe help you make money?

Monetization has also been made easier with their integration with PodCorn is a platform that connects podcasters with advertisers.

Any new updates on PodServe?

There are two updates to speak of:

  • The monetization opportunity through the tie-up with PodCorn was a massive update in February 2020.
  • They added a slew of social share options on their podcast player, as seen below.
podserve-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes PodServe a great podcast host?

PodServe’s connection with PodParadise gives it a distinct advantage. 

Every time someone opens the PodParadise page, 5 podcasts on PodServe are featured right at the top, giving in an extra boost in traffic. 

This is a free advertising opportunity for someone who hosts their podcast on PodServe.

podserve-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

Get featured on PodParadise by signing up with PodServe

Get the extra boost in traffic from being featured on the PodParadise website. Sign up for PodServe’s hosting plan. 

11. Podiant

Podiant is a platform started by Mark Steadman, a long-time podcaster himself. It is a tool that came out of Mark’s learnings from a long time in podcasting.

The main thing he wanted to address was the disparity between a podcast and the podcast website, and how most of them didn’t look related.

For a relatively newer platform, they’re already posting impressive numbers. More than 22,000 episodes added daily, closing in on 1 million listener minutes, and 6 million+ downloads.

What does Podiant cost?

The pricing starts at $12.99 a month with the Indie Plan. This gives you unlimited storage, a blog, and a static page, with the ability to automatically share to social media.

The biggest plan, Networks at $35.97 a month, adds on a unified website for all your shows that they’ll help create, and analytics for all of them.

Does Podiant help you make money?

Monetization would be through affiliate marketing and advertising that you’d figure out for yourself, using the website and blog associated with the podcast.

Podiant makes discovery easier by helping podcasters connect with one another to promote each other.

Any new updates on Podiant?

In March, they started offering a 30-minute consulting session with the founder himself, to help get your podcast off the ground. 

Their podcast player has also seen a couple of changes:

podiant-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes Podiant a great podcast host?

The standout feature is Podiant’s production assistant. The assistant helps create a framework on which to plan and build the next episode. 

This means a template for your episode notes, ease of showcase notes on your guests, schedule recording times, etc.

Take your podcast planning to the next level with Podiant

Make use of Podiant’s production assistant to effectively plan all aspects of the next episode. 

12. Megaphone

Megaphone was started with a focus on the business side of podcasting. They believed plenty of platforms rightly gave importance to the creative side of the process. 

But they wanted to cater to bigger businesses looking to make serious cash.

They currently host 2500+ shows and are trusted by some of the biggest names in modern media like Gimlet, Vox, HowStuffWorks, and more.

What does Megaphone cost?

Their pricing is custom and you can get a quote only if you’re averaging 20,000 downloads per episode.

How does Megaphone help you make money?

Monetization is based on inserting the right kind of ads in a podcast. This is done through dynamic ad insertion.

Any updates on Megaphone?

They made changes to the podcast manager to help you control every aspect of the listening experience.

megaphone-player-best podcast hosting sites

It is through this system that you can manage which ads go where, on your episodes. 

What makes Megaphone a great podcast host?

Their strongest asset is the dynamic ad insertion based off of advanced targeting that satisfies podcaster and advertiser. 

megaphone-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

They connect the right podcast with the right product. 

Get connected to the right advertiser with Megaphone

Leverage Megaphone’s network of advertisers and dynamic ad-insertion system to make the best of your podcast.

13. Whooshkaa

Whooshkaa is an Australian company that hosts major shows like Wilosophy and The Health Code.

What does Whooshkaa cost?

The Semi-pro plan costs $29 a month, which supports up to 2 shows, unlimited shows, 10k listens, and 10 private subscribers. 

Their Pro Plan is a bit of an investment at $99 a month. But you can have up to 5 shows and 25k listens. 

You also get automated transcription for 4 hours of audio files. Your allowed private subs also go up to 100.

How does Whooshkaa help you make money?

Monetization is based on its dynamic ad targeting that connects a podcaster with premium brands.

Any new updates on Whooshkaa?

They added two notable features recently:

  • The video highlights option. This gives you short, shareable clips from the latest episode for quick, effective marketing on social media.
  • The option of private podcasting.

What makes Whooshkaa a great podcast host?

The most notable feature of the platform is their attractive web player that makes social media sharing easy. 

whooshkaa-player-best podcast hosting sites

Get the most out of social media with Whooshkaa

Use Whooshkaa’s excellent podcast player, with social share options galore, to get the maximum out of your social media presence.

14. Fireside

Fireside podcast started in 2016, by Dan Benjamin. He also started the 5by5 podcast network.

What does Fireside cost?

The pricing is $19 a month, and it comes with unlimited storage and no limit on downloads.

How does Fireside help you make money?

Fireside doesn’t offer any explicit monetization features, but it does support Patreon, Supporting Cast, and dynamic ad insertion services like PodBean, SoundWise.

Any new updates on Fireside?

They got a revamped podcast player. It looks better than ever, as seen in the screenshot below:

fireside-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes Fireside a good podcast host?

Every podcast gets a responsive website and blog, with host pages, guest pages, custom pages, and customizable design.

fireside-website-best podcast hosting sites

Get the best looking web presence with Fireside

Make the best of Fireside’s page design options to ensure your audience loves coming back again and again. 

15. OmnyStudio

OmnyStudio is a podcast platform that caters to larger enterprises that want to run multiple shows. 

According to a testimonial, OmnyStudio enables them to operate like there’s a big team behind the scenes working on the podcast.

omnystudio-testimonial-best podcast hosting sites

What does OmnyStudio cost?

Pricing starts at $29 a month. You get 1TB of bandwidth, which should handle most shows’ requirements.

omnystudio-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

Does OmnyStudio help you make money?

There is no monetization opportunity specifically provided by OmnyStudio, so you’ll have to rely on affiliate marketing and advertising.

Any new updates on OmnyStudio?

There are a few notable additions to look out for:

  • OmnyStudio has a simple editor for your podcast that makes chaptering easy.
  • You can also add the details of an audio file before you upload the file. This will increase your efficiency.
  • The podcast player has seen some improvements as well:
omnystudio-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes OmnyStudio a great podcast host?

They have industry-leading audio management that lets you record, edit, and publish from anywhere. 

All your content is stored on enterprise-grade servers and backed up regularly.

Get enterprise-level podcasting solutions with OmnyStudio

OmnyStudio has made a solution specifically for large enterprises wanting to get in on the podcasting space. 

Big storage limits, large bandwidth, and top quality audio management.

16. ZenCast

ZenCast is a newer podcast hosting platform that ensures the website side of your business is taken care of. Any podcast-related changes you make will be reflected on the linked website.

What does ZenCast cost?

The smallest plan, Hobby, costs you $12 a month and gives you unlimited storage and downloads. 

The Professional plan, $35 a month, adds on advanced analytics, episode scheduler, and review tracker.

Any changes to ZenCast?

They made a few improvements to their already-stellar podcast player:

zencast-player-best podcast hosting sites

Does ZenCast help you make money?

There are no explicit monetization features. Any potential revenue comes from leveraging the audience you create through ZenCast.

What makes ZenCast a good podcast host?

What makes ZenCast stand out is that they don’t insert ads into your podcast, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience. 

Provide an ad-free experience for your audience with ZenCast

ZenCast ensures an ad-free experience for your audience, and a hassle-free experience for you while managing the podcast. 

17. PineCast

PineCast comes ready with all the expected features of a podcast platform, like hosting, website creation, marketing, and analytics.

What does PineCast cost?

On the free plan, will give you 2 shows with 10 episodes each. There’s a limit of 48mb per episode. 

The starter plan costs $10 a month, gives you unlimited shows and websites for each. Then you get add-on services for $10 each. 

This includes options to grow, pro analytics, and more.

How does PineCast help you make money?

PineCast has set up tip jars that let your audience donate to an account linked to your hosting.

pinecast-features-best podcast hosting sites

Any recent updates on PineCast?

Their latest significant feature update was the Headliner integration, which lets you create audiograms.

What makes PineCast a good podcast host?

The biggest draw for PineCast is the option of audiograms, which is a graph that shows the softest sounds a person can hear at different pitches or frequencies. 

For an extra $1 each, you can get audiograms for sharing on social media. This is done through a Headliner integration

Make shareable audiograms with PineCast

Use PineCast’s Headliner integration to make attractive audiograms that immediately grab your audience’s attention on social media.

18. ShoutEngine

ShoutEngine is a new easy-to-use platform that gives the full set of expected features. 

ShoutEngine’s publishing tools are built by podcasters, and they understand what it takes to make podcasting easy for you.

What does ShoutEngine cost?

The Standard plan comes in at $10 per month and gives you unlimited storage and 60Gb bandwidth. 

The professional plan at $20 per month kicks up the bandwidth to 180Gb per month.

Does ShoutEngine help you make money?

There are no monetization features to speak of, so you’ll be depending on affiliate marketing.

Any new features on ShoutEngine?

Their analytics package is constantly being improved on, and currently offers:

  • download counts
  • audience location
  • browser identification
  • referring websites
  • growth trends
  • episode popularity

What makes ShoutEngine a decent podcast host?

This platform is extremely focused on the analytics side of your podcast. 

shoutengine-analytics-best podcast hosting sites

They provide a very accurate accounting of downloads and listens, in comparison to other analytics tools. 

Get industry-leading analytics with ShoutEngine

ShoutEngine gives the most accurate analytics of your listens, downloads, referring websites, and much more.

19. Podigee

Podigee is a podcast hosting and editing option that’s made its name providing great audio quality along with the basic features.

Brands who use Podigee are Discovery Channel, Dazn, and Sky.

podigee-customers-best podcast hosting sites

What does Podigee cost?

The basic plan comes in at $13 a month, and supports 20k downloads a month. 

The advanced plan costs $29 a month, gives you advanced analytics and up to 50k downloads per month. You also get better audio quality.

Does Podigee help make money?

The Podigee platform does not provide any explicit monetization features.

Any new updates on Podigee?

They recently made improvements to the podcast player to make it one of the best in the market.

podigee-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes Podigee a great podcast host?

When you upload a file, Podigee enhances the audio quality of your raw file.
This audio quality is what separates Podigee from the other platforms, especially if you tell stories through your podcast.

Get the best audio quality podcasts with Podigee

Podigee’s enhancement of your upload results in great quality audio. Perfect for creative story-tellers

20. IonoFM

IonoFM is an audio powerhouse with podcast creation and hosting, radio streaming and audio advertising. 

ionofm-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

They were founded in 2008 and provide a discovery service for podcasts.

What does IonoFM cost?

The starter plan comes in at $5 a month, and allows for 10 episodes per month for a total of 150 episodes. 

The radio plan comes in at $35 a month, gives you 1000 episodes per month, option to transcribe episodes for an additional charge.

How does IonoFM help you make money?

Monetization comes from dynamic ad insertion, which is facilitated by IonoFM’s advertising service. 

The option to have higher-quality audio for paying users also adds revenue.

Any new features on IonoFM?

Their latest update was the transcription option, where they use the Google speech-to-text feature. 

The podcast player has seen some improvements too.

ionofm-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes IonoFM a good podcast host?

With Iono, you can cater to premium users, by offering audio at different bit rates. 

ionofm-bitrates-best podcast hosting sites

Reserve the high-quality for people who’ve paid or donated. This premium podcasting option is a new monetization path. 

Make premium quality audio for your audience with IonoFM

Use higher-quality audio to entice your audience to donate to your channel on IonoFM.

21. Cast

Cast is a podcast host that serves podcasts like The Cult Cast and A Year Ago Today.

cast-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

This platform is trusted by brands like TechCrunch, Fast Company and Venture Beats.

What does Cast cost?

The Hobby plan comes in at $10 a month, gives you 10 hours of recording time per month and unlimited editing and hosting. 

The $30 per month Professional plan gives you 100 hours of recording time. It also adds on Dropbox sync.

Does Cast help you make money?

There are no explicit monetization opportunities provided by Cast.

Any new features on Cast?

They’ve made a couple of significant changes:

  • The Podcast Publisher has been made foolproof by automating some parts of it. This reduces the chances of faulty info on the RSS feeds.
  • They improved the analytics by adding historical data for a better understanding of your performance.

What makes Cast a good podcast host?

The best features of this platform are the show notes feature for the podcast host and live chat options to up the engagement of your shows. 

cast-features-best podcast hosting sites

Create highly engaging shows with Cast

Use the power of show notes and live chat options on Cast to make your podcast highly engaging.

22. MessyFM

The MessyFM platform was built with private podcasting for companies in mind. 

messyfm-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

Private podcasting, as the name suggests, is not publicly available. They’re made for companies to deliver content within the organization.

What does MessyFM host?

Their sole plan comes in at $159 a month. The pricing makes it quite apparent that this is aimed at companies.

Does MessyFM help you make money?

Monetization is not really a priority here, as this is aimed at private institutions.

What makes MessyFM the best podcast host for private podcasts?

The standout feature has to be the editing interface MessyFM provides. 

messyfm-editing-best podcast hosting sites

It makes it very easy to cut out awkward pauses and to add fade-ins and fade-outs. 

You can do this without any prior experience with such tools.

Make beautifully edited Private podcasts with MessyFM

You can make beautifully edited private podcasts with the ironically named MessyFM podcast hosting platform.

23. Ausha

Ausha is a platform that caters to 800 shows currently, including Pomme d’Api, Konbini, and Super Gamerside.

ausha-custoomers-best podcast hosting sites

What does Ausha cost?

The base plan, Podcaster, costs $11 per month. It gives you unlimited storage, video uploads, and live chat. 

The Pro plan comes in at $99 a month gives advanced analytics and SmartLink, a social sharing facilitator.

How does Ausha help you make money?

Ausha promises to connect you with specialized advertising agencies to help you monetize. 

With this connection, you can create advertising campaigns to maximize earnings.

What makes Ausha a great podcast host?

Ausha is a great tool for organizing your podcasts.

You can collect them into seasons. You can also create playlists for curation and sharing with your audience

Organize video podcasts beautifully with Ausha

Use the video hosting option to enhance your podcast experience and organize your library into seasons and playlists.

24. Resonate Hosting

Resonate recordings has made its name with helping podcasters become full-blown storytellers with sound design and production.

It features podcasts like Full Body Chills and To Live and Die in LA.

What does Resonate cost?

The basic plan is at $25 a month, gives unlimited shows and episodes and unlimited downloads.

 The premium plan is at $49 a month. It gives you a podcast microsite.

How does Resonate help you make money?

Resonate helps you with the marketing aspect of your business. 

Considering the kind of podcasts (quality audio storytelling) that they work with, you’d be making money by making your podcast premium content.

Here’s a screenshot of the podcast player for one of their popular podcasts:

resonate-player-best podcast hosting sites

Any new updates on Resonate?

The hosting side of their business came as recently as July 2020. They had originally started as audio production and mixing.

What makes Resonate a great podcast host?

Resonate distinguishes themselves with their podcast editing, mixing, mastering, and sound design services. 

This ensures a storyteller has every audio tool at their disposal to create a powerful experience.

Make high-quality stories with Resonate

Leverage the full expertise of Resonate to make the next big thriller or drama podcast.

7 Free Podcast Hosting options

We made a separate list of completely free podcast hosting platforms or premium platforms with a free plan that’ll get your podcast off the ground.

Podcast hosting costs are no joke, and these platforms give you the time and space to figure out your business without paying a penny. 

1. Anchor

Anchor FM has become the darling of someone new to the world of podcasting. It is a very minimalist offering. 

anchor-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

You can record and publish your episode with absolute ease. But it does not have the frills that their competitors offer.

Anchor lays claims to the title of the platform powering more podcasts than anyone else. It was also chosen as the best app of 2018 by Google Play.

What does Anchor cost?

It is completely free, and will remain so forever.

How does Anchor help you make money?

Monetization is through listener support and ad insertion. 

anchor-monetization-best podcast hosting sites

You get access to ads, at any audience size, and you get to read all the ads.

What makes Anchor a good podcast host?

Their greatest attraction is that it’s completely free, and will remain so, but you can still get your podcast off the ground. 

It makes it especially easy for someone to make their podcast on a phone.

Get hosting on a perennially free Anchor

Anchor is the best free option for a beginner to start hosting their podcasts on.

2. CastBox

Castbox is one of the most popular apps for podcasting around. 

You can access 95 million volumes on it currently. They launched a creator studio to start a podcast or a library of new podcasts.

castbox-creator-studio-best podcast hosting sites

What does CastBox cost?

Castbox is free currently and gives you unlimited storage.

How does CastBox help you make money?

Once you start a podcast on the Creator Studio, you can apply to be featured on the Castbox listening app. 

The popularity of the app ensures your reach grows fast and marketing opportunities will open up.

What makes CastBox a great podcast host?

The best part of their offering is their list of social features. They are really engaging and your organic growth will quicken because of this.

Boost your reach by getting featured on the CastBox listening app

Host your podcast on CastBox to get the opportunity to be featured on their very popular listening app. 

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the giants of hosting audio, and they recently moved to include podcasting in their list of services.

Here’s a look at one of the earlier podcasts on the SoundCloud player:

souncloud-player-best podcast hosting sites

What does SoundCloud cost?

Podcast hosting on SoundCloud is free. You get 3 hours worth of audio storage and a customizable player. 

But if you can afford $12 a month, you get unlimited storage, release scheduling, and priority support. 

With the Pro plan, you also get paid for plays and the ability to promote your content.

Does SoundCloud help you make money?

Monetization is much like what SoundCloud is for music, you get paid more the more popular you get. 

It is directly tied to the number of plays you get in a month. 

What makes SoundCloud an interesting hosting option?

They haven’t got the feature-list to challenge the existing established names, but they still offer free hosting. 

Join SoundCloud as they expand their range of audio options

SoundCloud have recently made the leap into the podcasting space. Their free hosting allows you to join up and see their podcasting options grow.

4. RedCircle

RedCircle is a free podcast hosting and distribution option that charges a percentage of your revenue, when you start generating some.

What does RedCircle cost?

A RedCircle account costs you nothing.

Instead, it charges you a percentage of any revenue you bring in while hosting on RedCircle:

  • 30% of any ad revenue
  • 12% of any subscription revenue
  • 4.5% of any audience donations

How does RedCircle help you make money?

RedCircle’s monetization is subscription-based. You can put episodes or entire playlists behind a pay-wall to attract your audience into subscribing for premium content.

redcircle-features-best podcast hosting sites

The platform also helps you accept donations from your listeners. 

redcircle-donation-best podcast hosting sites

RedCircle also helps you monetize by creating a cross-promotion marketplace, where you meet similar podcasters and promote each other on your own shows. 

This results in growth in reach for both, and therefore revenue. 

What makes RedCircle a great podcast host?

The platform’s subscription and donation features are huge assets for a podcaster trying to make a viable business out of their podcast. 

Join RedCircle’s pay-as-you-earn movement

Use RedCircle’s donation and subscription support to generate revenue on their free hosting platform. 

5. Podomatic

Podomatic is built on the principle of ease of use for a beginner to launch their podcast. 

It runs on the platform of not needing to prepare at all, and simply record it, title it, publish, and promote.

podomatic-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

They also have a discovery aspect of their service as they curate top podcasts by category and promote new episodes to listeners on their app.

What does Podomatic cost?

The basic plan is very generous. For no charge at all, you get 500mb storage and 15Gb bandwidth per month for your new podcast. 

The highest plan, Pro Platinum, comes in at $20.82 per month. That gives you 5Gb storage and 500Gb bandwidth.

How does Podomatic help you make money?

You earn revenue through two methods:

What makes Podomatic a good podcast host?

The Podomatic phone app is what makes this podcast host unique. 

The app makes it easy for someone to start their journey on their phone. It enables you to create and publish your new podcast on the move.

Make a podcast on your phone with Podomatic

Use Podomatic’s excellent companion phone app to make your podcast on the go

6. is a free host, and is very basic in its offering. It is 100% free, and will remain so.

What does cost?

Nothing. It is a free hosting service that promises to stay so forever.

Does help you make money?

There are no monetization opportunities. Your subscribers get notifications each time you release a new episode, offering some engagement. 

What makes a decent podcast host?

You get unlimited storage, bandwidth, and podcasts. 

podcastsdotcom-features-best podcast hosting sites

Get free hosting with offers a free hosting service with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

7. BuzzSprout

BuzzSprout is the best podcast host by virtue of its features explained in the main list. But it also has a free plan for someone looking to check out podcasting for the first time.

You can only upload 2 hours of audio per month on this plan. Any episodes you upload will be up for 90 days only, after which it will be archived. 

If you set up a website for your podcast, there will be ads placed in it by BuzzSprout. 

You can upgrade at any time to their paid plans and restore archived episodes and make it a full-blown BuzzSprout podcast.

5 Podcast Website Hosting platforms

Most of the top podcast hosts have the facility of building a companion website to your podcast. But these are usually restricted. 

But some of the platforms take the website part just as seriously as the podcasting part. We felt these would be better in a separate list of their own.

1. Podcast Websites

PodcastWebsites has made a unique place for itself by combining podcast hosting with ordinary web hosting, WordPress hosting, and email marketing.

What does Podcast Websites cost?

PodcastWebsites, because of their premium feature-list, can pack a big punch to your wallet. 

Their pricing is $77 a month when billed annually. But for this very steep pricing, you get a massive feature list and premium support.

How does Podcast Websites help you make money?

Monetization is aided in the form of a massive video library that teaches you how to grow and monetize your podcast. 

podcastwebsites-academy-best podcast hosting sites

The contributor list includes names like Guy Kawasaki and Chris Ducker.

Any new features on Podcast Websites?

The platform comes full of significant features that support interview podcasts:

  • Branded photos of your guests on the page
  • Add bio and contact data
  • A lead magnet to form a comprehensive guest feature.

What makes Podcast Websites a great podcast host?

The premium option where the team behind the platform helps you design a website for your podcast. 

podcastwebsites-splash-images-best podcast hosting sites

You can use their drag-and-drop builder to make your own. 

They have integrations with leading email service providers that help you seamlessly build your email lists for marketing and sales. 

Supercharge your podcasting business with a premium WordPress website

Focus on your podcast, as the Podcast Websites team sets up a premium, high-converting WordPress website to satisfy your business needs.

2. Blubrry

Blubrry has made a name with its WordPress integration with its plugin, PowerPress. If you’re looking to run a podcast with a WordPress site, you couldn’t do better than Blubrry.

Blubrry lays claim to the largest podcast directory in the world with around 750,000 podcasts.

What does Blubrry cost?

The basic plan starts at $12 per month and gives you 100mb of storage per month. 

The Extra large package comes in at $80 per month, granting you a 1000Mb upload limit per month, and even lets you upload video.

How does Blubrry help you make money?

To monetize, you need to apply to be an advertiser on Blubrry. 

You’ll also have to ask your audience to fill out a survey. 

Once this is done, you will start receiving offers if you’re deemed an attractive option for advertisers partnered by Blubrry .

Any new updates on Blubrry?

In May of this year, Blubrry announced the release of private podcasting, a trend that’s become more and more popular with podcasts. 

blubrry-private-podcas-best podcast hosting sites

This means you can start offering premium content for your audience or a podcast meant for members of your company only.

They also made the podcast player a lot more effective with the addition of social share options, as seen below: 

blubrry-player-best podcast hosting sites

What makes Blubrry a great podcast host?

Their standout feature is definitely the PowerPress plugin. This lets you easily share episodes on any WP-run website. 

It comes with a simple mode and advanced mode. 

The simple mode streamlines the process of publishing a podcast and takes away all complexity. 

The advanced mode opens up options on podcast subscriptions, podcasting SEO features, and more. 

Use the power of WordPress with Blubrry

Blubrry makes running a podcast on your WordPress site exceedingly simple, with the PowerPress plugin. 

3. PodcastGIANT

PodcastGIANT has appealed to its audience by taking care of the website part of your business. 

They want you to focus on why you wanted to start this journey, podcasting. 

podcastgiant-splash-image-best podcast hosting sites

They’ll take care of all the side stuff like building a website that’ll convert.

What does PodcastGIANT cost?

Their sole plan is priced at $49 a month. 

With this plan, you get unlimited storage, nightly backups of your podcasts and website, which they will optimize for SEO.

Does PodcastGIANT help you make money?

There are no explicit monetization features on offer, but your marketability will drastically improve with their SEO-optimized website.

What makes PodcastGIANT a great podcast host?

PodcastGIANT builds and maintains a website to take care of the business side of your podcasting. 

This is their clear advantage, as it saves multiple hours you would’ve spent making a good website and on the SEO side of it. 

Let PodcastGIANT build the perfect business site for your podcast

PodcastGIANT will build the website to support marketing and monetization for your podcast. 

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the leading website builders in the world. To sweeten their offerings, they’ve added podcast hosting.

What does Squarespace cost?

It is an add-on service as part of Squarespace’s website offerings. The website plans vary from 12$ to 40$ a month.

Does Squarespace help you make money?

There are no real monetization opportunities outside of the opportunities on the Squarespace website itself.

What makes Squarespace a decent podcast host?

The advantage is that if you’re considering a podcast to expand your business, Squarespace offers a great all-in-one hosting solution. 

Expand your website with Podcasts on Squarespace

If you own a business website, and you fancy expanding into podcasts, Squarespace is the solution for you. 

5. Substack

Substack is a platform where people can publish and distribute newsletters. It is an excellent way for content creators to expand their reach. 

Last year, they expanded their features to allow users to host podcasts on their servers.

It is not a traditional podcast website, but you get to have a blog/newsletter/podcast hybrid content model. 

What does Substack cost?

Substack is a free service. It charges a percentage of any subscription revenue that you may bring in. 

How does SubStack help you make money?

SubStack helps you run a subscription model. Create an audience with your content, text and audio, and then offer premium content for a monthly or annual fee.

You can share a link to premium audio content with paying subscribers through email.

Run a newsletter+blog+podcast completely free with SubStack

Do the content trifecta, completely free, with Substack. Use their subscription to generate recurring income.

Podcasting Resources

We also rounded up resources that will add to the functionality of your podcast by adding features, or helping your productivity by helping with republishing on social media. 

We have a separate post for podcasting resources, but we also listed our recommendations here for quick perusal. 

Podcasting Analytics and Productivity

These tools help with analytics and an increase in your efficiency in creating and marketing podcasts. 

  1. Repurpose
  2. Backtracks
  3. Fusebox
  4. PodTrac
  5. Chartable
  6. WeEditPodcasts

Podcast recording software

These apps allow you to record high-quality audio fit for quality podcasts and then edit them into a suitable format.

  1. SquadCast
  2. Riverside FM
  3. Ecamm Skype Recorder

Podcast cover and design software

You will need certain services to design good-looking covers and splash images for your podcast.

This is especially useful when promoting your content on social media. Tools you can use include:

  1. Canva
  2. PicMonkey

Podcast audiogram software

These apps let you create an audiogram, a graphical representation of your audio file, that you can then use as the image for when you publish it as video.

  1. Headliner
  2. Videobolt

Podcast transcription software

Podcast transcription software allows you to create a PDF file of the audio that can then be shared with your audience, as a bonus or for those who missed it.

  1. Searchie 
  2. Descript
  3. Rev

Podcast Courses

We found a course that takes a beginner through the maze of modern podcasting.

The Powerup Podcasting Course is put together by Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income, and puts together every single lesson he learned on his way to a super-successful podcast

Podcast Microphones

You will need good microphones to ensure uniform, high-quality audio on your podcasts:

  1. Shure SM7B
  2. Blue Yeti

Podcast USB Audio Interfaces

Compared to a built-in sound card, USB audio interfaces will always deliver a much better quality of sound:

  1. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  2. Steinberg UR44

Podcast Editing Software

After recording high-quality audio, you’ll need good software to refurbish your raw audio into a cohesive episode with the right sound effects:

  1. GarageBand
  2. Audacity

Website Hosting for your podcast

Sometimes you might need an external hosting service to create the website to market and monetize your audio:

  1. NameCheap
  2. WPX Hosting
  3. SiteGround

Podcast Email Marketing

To have a fully-functioning podcast business, you will need an email marketing service that you turn your audience onto.

Once you have their contact details, you can send them newsletters, promos for upcoming content, announcements, etc.

  1. ConvertKit
  2. MailChimp

Link Shorteners

For branding purposes, you might want to invest in a link shortener that converts long unsightly links to shorter, neater URLs:

  1. Bit.Ly
  2. TinyURL

Lead capture software

Part of your business strategy might involve converting visitors to your website into an audience for your podcast. 

Imagine you have a successful website, and you want to expand into your own podcast. You will then need lead capture software to find people who may be interested and lead them to to your podcast:

  1. LeadCandy
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. WishPond

Podcast Hosting FAQ’s

The Takeaway

Of all the options listed here, BuzzSprout is the best option to host your podcast.

But various standout features for each platform means options like SimpleCast, Captivate, Transistor, and many others may be the most suitable for your specific needs.

Our in-depth breakdown of each option available should help podcasters like you find the perfect hosting option to start your podcasting journey off with.

Make sure to check out our post on the best podcast software to further improve the experience of your audience.

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