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The 5 best AppSumo alternatives 2019

In an earlier post, I went into detail (exquisite?) about why AppSumo is the best place for lifetime deals for the latest, most effective tools.

But as good as AppSumo is, there are other options to find top deals.

In this post, I’ll be busting out the 5 AppSumo alternatives I think you should check out. On a weekly basis for best effect.

But first, let’s answer the question of why tech deals are the best and why you’d be foolish to miss out.

Why should you use deals websites?

If your business uses tools to improve your performance (why wouldn’t you), chances are expenses start piling up quickly.

If you have a blog page that you focus on quite a lot, you will need a publishing platform, hosting options, page builders, transcription software and so on.

You can get by on free or cheap options for a while, but if it’s a task of any seriousness you will need serious tools or services.

In this case, rather than buy whatever is immediately known to you, your first order of business should be to run by these deals websites.

It’s not likely that the tool you’re looking for is on sale at the time, but there may be alternatives.

Moreover, if I were a YouTuber I’d not be familiar with Tubics and how it may significantly improve my channel’s performance.

I’d have found out about it only through AppSumo and I could depend on their review to see how good the tool is and what kind of profit I can gain by using it.

Who should use deals websites?

Wouldn’t you know it, but AppSumo just happens to be a great fit for the people I write my posts for. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Small business owners
  • Content creators like YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, etc.
  • Solopreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Web developers

It’ll become a lot clearer when we hit the section for AppSumo deals. But as a short preview, here are a few categories they cover:

  • Sales tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Website builders
  • Stock videos and images
  • Video editors
  • SEO tools

AppSumo obviously covers a lot of ground. But worry not, we will take our time to comb over every detail in the course of this post.

AppSumo alternatives

AppSumo is the undisputed king of digital product deals. But there are alternatives for it.

Places that run deals not currently on AppSumo but could turn out to be just the one you were looking for.

I’ll list a few that I visit regularly and you can add that to your shopping route for tools.


AppSumo does take deal curation to another level. But StackSocial does offer a mind-boggling number of deals at any one time.

While AppSumo sticks to digital tools and services, StackSocial lists deals of much greater variety.

stacksocial-collections-appsumo alternatives

This includes courses, tech gadgets, stuff for everyday use and great bundles.

The focus is still on digital products that are categorized under titles like productivity tools or iOS-specific or Startup-focused.

stacksocial-tool-categories-appsumo alternatives

The rating system is based on user ratings, and the number of ratings gives an indication of the site’s popularity.

stacksocial-customer-ratings-appsumo alternatives

But if I had to pick one reason why you should check out StackSocial, it would have to be the bundles.

stacksocial-bundle-appsumo alternatives

The kind of deals you can get here for all courses on a particular topic is quite something. A lot of double-takes when you see one that really takes your fancy.


PitchGround is a site that has tried to ape the AppSumo model.

Their curation is not quite as good as the #1. And they still haven’t been able to build the stable the size of AppSumo yet.

The 5 best AppSumo alternatives 2019 1

The PitchGround team is trying to build deals the way AppSumo have done successfully.

pitchground-youtube-tutorials-appsumo alternatives

They come out with a slew of tutorials for every tool on their YouTube page. Make sure you check out the videos for any one tool to get a better idea of their style.


Rebeliance focuses on deals more focused on entrepreneurs. You’ll find only lifetime deals here, and that is an obsession for a lot of entrepreneurs.

This sort of narrow focus means there’s never a huge number of products on offer at any one time.

But the ones that do get a lot of attention because the visitors know exactly what kind of deals they can expect.

They have a featured deal for the month and is front-and-center of their homepage.

rebeliance-homepage-appsumo alternatives

The deal page is very detailed with every aspect of the product covered. This includes tutorials, highlights, and an FAQ section to clear up most of the questions you’ll have.


This is the latest entrant in my shopping route. It’s very new, but I really liked SaasMantra’s way of curating deals.

After identifying a product worth promoting, they work with the tool’s creator to come up with an excellent presentation of the tool.

This usually results in a massive slash to the final price. The catch being that the product on offer is still in beta.

So effectively, you’re helping fund the product as it is being made and you get a great deal in return.

saasmantra-webinars-appsumo alternatives

The SaasMantra webinars discuss how far into development the tool is and a timeframe for the final version.

saasmantra-featured-appsumo alternatives

So far, they’ve only done one deal at a time. But with the response this has received, I’m hoping more devs get on board with this model of deals site.

Some of the tools that have passed through SaasMantra are Adzooma, a Google ads manager, and Notifia, a growth hacking tool.


Lifetime Tech deal fans is a Facebook group unlike the rest of the options. Run by Tracy Lorenson, it’s a group you should join pronto.

This group notifies its members of the latest and best software deals around at the time. It is very active. Active enough that you don’t have to do much deal-hunting outside of the major deal sites.

Your takeaway

The point of this post was to map out a set of sites you check out regularly for the best deals available for your tools and services.

I personally visit each of these once or twice every week.

I can boil down the highlights of each site.

  • AppSumo – very well-curated deals on the best digital products and reigning #1
  • StackSocial – massive marketplace with excellent bundles offering great value
  • PitchGround – copied the AppSumo model
  • Rebeliance – entrepreneur-focused lifetime deals
  • SaasMantra – brand new space with webinars presented around the product
  • LTDF deals – A closed Facebook group that posts regular updates on the latest tool deals running

A couple of months of regular visits to each of these sites should give you a clear idea if the site is for you.

What you can do is check out these sites right away, and tell me if any deal caught your fancy.

I have a post out that covers AppSumo in particular and about some of the deals on AppSumo you should know about. I’ll start updating that weekly, so you know which deals to seriously consider.


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