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All you need to know about AppSumo and Lifetime tech deals

AppSumo is the spot to look for the best software deals on offer at any time. They’ve been doing this well and for a long time.

Their deals curation is second to none and the variety of tools posted are amazing.

Simply watch the type of tools whose deals are on, and it’ll give you a clue as to how much they’re targeting.

My plan is first to cover in detail what makes AppSumo so great. And then go into detail about their deals and the categories they cover.

That should offer a strong introduction to the world of digital tools sites to someone taking their first steps.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a daily deals website. They list digital products and services on their site.

appsumo-homepage-all about appsumo

It was started in 2010 by their Chief Sumo (shrugs), Noah Kagan.

As someone who’s somewhat recently discovered the wonders of digital tools, I’ve found this website a great place to check for deals regularly.

The variety of deals available is amazing and you never know what you might find.

They always have a featured deal at the top. Each deal lasts for a fixed time or a set number of buys, after which it becomes inactive.

Each deal is rated on a taco scale of 5, judging both the product and the discount being offered.

To give you an idea of the variety of products, I’ll give a rundown of the deals running at the time of writing.

The featured deal is for Datagran, which is a management platform for all the data in your company. It lets you visualize your company’s business data and sales funnel.

appsumo-screenshot1-all about appsumo

There’s a deal on for Audio Hero, which is an excellent source of royalty-free music and SFX.

Other deals available are for ShortPixel and Tubics. The first is image compression and the other is for improving the performance of your YouTube SEO.

Each deal has an individual page that has the major features of the product being advertised. There’s also a video review on it from AppSumo themselves.

appsumo-screenshot2-all about appsumo

This sort of curation and honest reviews is what has really given AppSumo its legendary status. Something which other platforms have been chasing for a while.

Why should you use deals websites

If your business uses tools to improve your performance (why wouldn’t you), chances are expenses start piling up quickly.

If you have a blog page that you focus on quite a lot, you will need a publishing platform, hosting options, page builders, transcription software and so on.

You can get by on free or cheap options for a while, but if it’s a task of any seriousness you will need serious tools or services.

In this case, rather than buy whatever is immediately known to you, your first order of business should be to run by these deals websites.

It’s not likely that the tool you’re looking for is on sale at the time, but there may be alternatives.

Moreover, if I were a YouTuber I’d not be familiar with Tubics and how it may significantly improve my channel’s performance.

I’d have found out about it only through AppSumo and I could depend on their review to see how good the tool is and what kind of profit I can gain by using it.

Who should use deals websites?

Wouldn’t you know it, but AppSumo just happens to be a great fit for the people I write my posts for. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Small business owners
  • Content creators like YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, etc.
  • Solopreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Web developers

It’ll become a lot clearer when we hit the section for AppSumo deals. But as a short preview, here are a few categories they cover:

  • Sales tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Website builders
  • Stock videos and images
  • Video editors
  • SEO tools

AppSumo obviously covers a lot of ground. But worry not, we will take our time to comb over every detail in the course of this post.

AppSumo Content

They have bolstered their excellent catalog of tools with an equally good content strategy.

Along with the blog, the team is also active on social media. What this has done is to create a vibrant community of potential customers eager to pitch in and contribute.

This is done using a combination of different types of content. All of which I’ll discuss briefly now, to get an idea of what they’ve attempted and succeeded at.

AppSumo blog

It’s a fairly new blog that tackles a wide variety of topics. Just going through the last few, you’ll spot posts on social media engagement, content strategy, picking a niche, entrepreneurship, etc.

The most noteworthy one in the last 2 months is probably a case study. This case study dealt with how an entrepreneur used the deals on AppSumo to grow his business to six figures.

Though that blog can be considered marketing. But it is reminding people of the power of a bunch of deals coming together.

The entrepreneur, Doc Williams bought 5 deals off AppSumo that directly improved his business’s performance.

But the bulk of their posts are simply content with value. Not content that converts visitors to customers, not in the traditional sense anyway.

Take the one about getting more engagement on Facebook for example. It’s about how to engage better with your Facebook group members.

Sure, they’ve had deals for tools that make managing your facebook groups better. But the post has no mention of them. It was simply value-adding content.

What this has done is to give people a reason to go on the website for the blog alone. There’s no angle or subtle intent.

AppSumo newsletter

Their newsletter is to notify subscribers of their best deals.

It comes in every week, in case you forget to go on the website. So if you’re not much for shopping for software deals, consider subscribing to their newsletter to get a taste.

appsumo-newsletter-all about appsumo

The screenshot shows a recent newsletter. One that I got on Monday. It is a catalog of the tools listed by category.

This makes it simple for people looking for a specific type to zone in on the deals they want.

appsumo-newsletter2-all about appsumo

And below this list are breakdowns of selected deals. The breakdown includes:

  • A summary of the tool
  • Deal price and original price
  • A link to the deal on AppSumo
  • The sales pitch with more details on the tool
  • The use case and who will benefit from the tool

Then on Tuesday, I got another one. This time giving me the lowdown on their featured deal for ShortPixel.

appsumo-newsletter-3-all about appsumo

It’s all about the center-piece deal of the week. It has a short write-up about the tool and its function.

appsumo-newsletter-4-all about appsumo

Then there is the video review by Chrystie. This is then followed by the detail of what you get with 1, 2 or 3 AppSumo codes.

Then on Friday, I get all the updates to existing deals. Usually, it involves extra features for the tools already listed on AppSumo.

appsumo-newsletter-7-all about appsumo

This beefs up an already sweet deal. And gets us Sumo-lings into the spending mood, assuming the tool is relevant to our business of course.

AppSumo Twitter

Their Twitter account is a great way to keep up to date with everything AppSumo.

It’s a mix of new deals that have landed, content posts they’ve published and interactions with their followers.

They make sure to retweet anything they find interesting. They follow a lot of influencers themselves and make sure anything valuable is brought to the attention of their significant following.

For a better understanding of their content, here are a few examples of their latest tweets:

AppSumo 101

I thought it’d be worth the time to get to know the AppSumo system a bit better.

We’ve already covered the way their deal system is set up. So this will be more about the team and the way they go about their business.

This section doesn’t really have a direct influence on the kind of deals you’ll find. But something as small as the Careers section gives a clue to the kind of work culture that spawned AppSumo in its current form.

AppSumo login

You’ll have to sign up to an AppSumo account to make purchases. Once signed up, you can track your orders, redeem codes for further discounts, etc.

This is also how you would start referring your friends to AppSumo. Whenever a friend makes their first purchase, you get $10 worth of AppSumo credits that you can invest in more tools.

AppSumo team

They have a very active team that’s eager to engage their audience. This method of doing business starts right from the top.

Chief Sumo Aka Founder

The AppSumo founder and CEO, or in Sumo speak, Chief Sumo is Noah Kagan. Chances are you already know of him and probably even consumed some of his content.

He is a marketing maverick and has also spread his wisdom on more personal stuff. He has shared stories from his own life to try and help others achieve their peaks.

But marketing is definitely his forte. And his content around it is excellent.

The first post of his that I read, which also happens to be one of his most popular, was how he grew from 0 to 1 million users.

This was before AppSumo, and he worked as a marketing director at the company. Through this post, he provided a detailed breakdown of the strategy that resulted in 1 million users.

The natural successor to this post was the lessons he wanted to share about AppSumo and Sumo.

His twin concerns recently hit 8 figures in revenue. He used this occasion to come out with a bunch of learnings from the time spent building these brands.

Like his best content, it’s a detailed, zero fluff post that takes you through his journey so far.

This includes what sort of pricing plan they had when they started, and why they decided to change it to its current form.

Noah is very active on social media and loves to collaborate with others who are as passionate about marketing the right way, as he is.

One of the best places to check out this collaborative spirit is his OkDork podcast. One of his recent episodes was particularly good.

It was with Ramit Sethi as the guest. It went into exquisite detail about personal finances and how best to manage them.

Do check out his podcast. He’s done 95 episodes so far, so there’s a fair bit of catching up to do.

Content Strategist

Their team is very active across their content channels. A team member that you’ll get familiar with is Chrystie Vachon.

She does the reviews for each of the products listed on AppSumo. These reviews are a short but information-rich review of the product.

In these reviews, she covers the most important use case for the tool. This gives a potential buyer a clear idea of what they’re buying.


I came across Ayman Al-Abdullah‘s content on one of my favorite marketing channels.

He talked with Eric Siu about the strategies you can use to get a surge of customers.

This includes giveaways to grow your email list, which will, in turn, increase your revenue.

He worked at Microsoft before Noah Kagan brought him on board to run AppSumo. Under his supervision, AppSumo has doubled and then tripled in revenue.

Director of content

Ilona Abramova is responsible for overseeing AppSumo’s excellent content strategy.

This includes what gets published on the AppSumo website including their blog and what comes to us through the AppSumo newsletter.

This is an integral part of their operation, as email is a massive part of getting business from their fans.

AppSumo careers

One of the things that surprised me about the AppSumo team that despite their huge success, they’re still quite small in size.

They’re at a strength of around 40 now. They’re advertising a few positions on their site. So check them out if you see yourself part of this team.

Right now, they’re looking for recruits in sales, customer support, marketing, and engineering.

You can imagine how big marketing is to the AppSumo strategy. The fact they’re looking for new blood in this department is a testament to their drive to improve.

And true to AppSumo form, they even let you apply for a job position of your own making!

They’re constantly looking to add to their winning formula. So they’re receptive to anyone who can come up with that special idea.

AppSumo family

Noah Kagan has built quite an empire based around digital tools.

sumo-family-all about appsumo

Along with AppSumo, his concerns include Sumo, KingSumo, SendFox among others.


Sumo is a list of marketing tools aimed at doubling your ROI.

The tools are built for individual aspects of a site that decides your conversion. But as Noah says, the most important aspect of marketing is a great product.

appsumo-sumo-all about appsumo

But once that little thing is taken care of, you can make sure your visitors don’t leave without buying.

One of the best ways to do this is to build an email list. Sumo has a solution that ensures most of your visitors become a subscriber, if not buy.

Another way to increase ROI is the concept of upsells. Sumo’s upsell tool makes sure the customer is aware of the best deal they can get while they’re in the buying mood.

This is done by giving them a limited time offer to add another product to the cart at a slashed price.

Sumo even offers something to ensure customers don’t abandon a purchase.


KingSumo is an extension of the great marketing, Noah Kagan properties are known for.

This tool uses viral giveaways to build an email list from scratch.

appsumo-kingsumo-all about appsumo

It’s still in beta, but the basics of this product are already set. Visitors may have stumbled onto your site or blog, or come in without much expectation.

But a giveaway is the best way to shock them into action. They use an example to illustrate how this would work.

You would ask visitors to give an email id or a Facebook account in exchange for the chance to win an exciting prize.

The success of this attempt depends a lot on the prize of course. But KingSumo takes care of the rest of the process of collecting these emails and building a list with them.

AppSumo Plus

This is like the platinum membership for a Sumo-ling, an AppSumo subscriber.

Once you subscribe to this annual package, you get an extra 10% off on the already ridiculous pricing.

You also get early access to deals about to hit the main site. On top of this, you get extended access to deals, that’s the ability to get a deal even after it expires on the main deal.

There are even instances where old deals are brought back at the same old pricing for Plus members.

There’s even access to the regular webinars AppSumo hosts. These webinars are based on the best deals they’ve planned for that month or week.

Needless to say, besides the extra 10% off, this plan is for people who are really into tools and love all extra content around tools.

appsumo-plus-all about appsumo

This is an example of the mail AppSumo Plus members receive 3 hours before offers run out for exclusive tools.

In this case, it’s for HeySummit, ReStream, Ora and BookLikeaBoss. 4 tools for which the offer expired long back for the standard-issue Sumo-lings.


Briefcase is another add-on to the ‘basic’ features provided by AppSumo for tool enthusiasts.

Briefcase is a membership plan whereby you get access to the right tools for your business.

This plan works on tool credits. Essentially, every quarter you get tool credits that you spend on getting lifetime deals for tools you love.

These tools are of every type you’ll need to successfully run a business. The tools are for every phase of your business cycle: product design, marketing, sales, administration, accounting and so on.

Even if you do end your membership, you retain access to the lifetime deals you spent your credits on.

I’d say this again depends on how often you go through your tools and the size of your operation.

If you’re someone who is willing to switch tactics or tools when a better one is available, this is a great plan for you.


SendFox is the Sumo family’s email marketing wing.

This tool is in beta and you need to apply with your email to request access.

AppSumo Deals

I thought it’d be a good idea to keep a track of the deals currently happening on AppSumo. I’ll be concentrating on the category of tools I think can help my audience.

Each deal listed is categorized under one of the main tool categories.

You can see this categorization in the newsletter too. But I’ll base the categories on the tag given to each tool in their deals page.

AppSumo CRM tools

This a wildly popular category of tools that tool-makers and marketers are very happy to take a shot at.

Despite the presence of absolute behemoths in the market like HubSpot and SalesForce, there are new options popping up constantly.

Naturally, many of the new ones offer deals on AppSumo for exposure and credibility.

Followup was the last CRM tool I came across. But it has already been sold out.

AppSumo Website builders

Before I made this particular blog on WordPress, I had fallen in love with the platform itself. Ever since then, I’m constantly on the lookout for good themes, page builders, plugins for WordPress.

But I recognize that not everyone’s limited to WordPress. So I’ll be including website builders and themes outside of WordPress too.

There’s currently a package being sold on AppSumo that’ll excite every Elementor user.

Elementor is the best page builder you can get for WordPress. It offers several add-ons that add to the already stellar product.

Now you can get all of these in a dream bundle.

AppSumo Email automation tools

Another fixture of anyone running a blog, WordPress or otherwise, is an email marketing tool.

I currently use MailerLite. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped looking, and AppSumo is one of the first places I look.

Right now, the have a deal on Clearout. A tool that streamlines your email lists by verifying each email ID.

This severely reduces the bounce rate and vastly improves your email marketing performance.

AppSumo SEO tools

The limitations and so the strength of running a blog on a small budget is that I’ll be depending on SEO exclusively for my traffic.

My budget has been spent on good WordPress tools and an email automation system that lets me keep in touch with my readers.

But I figure I’ll spend the rest of it on tools that help me get the best out of the content I’m producing.

That is where tools like ShortPixel come in. It is an image compression tool primarily.

appsumo-shortpixel-all about appsumo

But in our context, an image compressor helps SEO by reducing load times. Load time is, of course, a massive factor in your ranking on Google search.

AppSumo Social Media tools

An inescapable fact of modern business is that you need to have a lively social media presence. I, for one, plan to fully dive into this reality (maybe not dive, as much as gently lean).

Tools like Buffer or HootSuite offer a one-stop solution. But I prefer tools with a narrower focus like TailWind.

You will find tools of both kinds on AppSumo. One category I didn’t consider within social media was the design aspect.

Until I saw the actual tool listed in AppSumo. See what I mean about discovering new things here.

The tool in question is Stencil. A tool that helps design your social media posts. Especially for the artistically challenged individuals like myself.

AppSumo Marketing tools

There will be a need to bring in leads on convert leads into customers. Any software that helps with that is worth checking out.

It is a category that almost any online business will be interested in.

Quriobot is just such a tool. It is a chatbot creator that ensures every visitor gets the VIP treatment.

There may be several ways a visitor can end up on your site. But what happens after must be a carefully planned experience. Quriobot helps you do just that.

Current Deals

I’ll keep all the deals currently active on AppSumo here. I’ll be updating it every week to make sure you don’t miss out.

  • DepositPhotos – Access high-quality stock photos constantly refreshed to avoid looking stale and common.
  • BookLikeaBoss – Get your bookings done like a boss through the festive season.
  • HeySummit – Use the very best of online event software to increase your brand exposure and generate more revenue.
  • TrackMySubs – Keep a hold of your various subscription payments with TrackMySubs.
  • Tubics – Improve the SEO game of your YouTube channel with next-level analytics and a clean UI.
  • Publitio – Optimize images by cropping, resizing, and converting into any format.
  • Influence – Use the power of your hard-earned social proof to drive your conversion up.
  • LoginPress – Correct the boring impression WP login pages have, with a tool that takes care of this tedious detail.
  • FAM – FAM replaces the entire email marketing team for a fast-growing business.
  • EpicPxls – Pro templates that let a design-noob create great websites and landing pages.
  • SendFox – Send unlimited scheduled and automated emails to your contacts, with the help of built-in forms.
  • Email CopyDyno – It is a sales-obsessed email creation tool that’ll make writing great emails easy.
  • SimilarContent – Ramp up your content’s SEO game by using this tool to analyze your copy and improve based on your score.
  • Amazing Marvin – A super-powered to-do list that beats the procrastination out of you.
  • MeetFox – A convenient scheduling tool that lets you make calls and invoices in one place.
  • FreedCamp – A project management platform that is customizable so you have only what you need in front of you.
  • InVideo – Use a superb selection of templates to create pro-level marketing videos.
  • ResponseSuite – A simple survey tool that lets you build an engagin one in minutes.
  • VdoCipher – Make sure self-hosted videos remain secure from online pirates looking to make a quick buck.
  • SuperbThemes – Create freakishly fast websites with access to a growing library of multi-purpose themes and plugins.
  • Tribe – A cloud-based, fully customizable platform to build a thriving community of engaged customers.
  • CopyWritely – Improve the quality of your copy, using insights from your competitor’s efforts.
  • Endorsal – It automates the process of constantly scouring social media for good endorsements.
  • TexAu – Automate your lead generation funnel and make using the data a lot more efficient.

AppSumo Expired Deals

I’d like to keep a record of recently expired deals as a sort of reference. An idea of what tools you can expect in the future.

And if you’re subscribed to AppSumo Plus, a list of tools you want to keep an eye out for in case they decide to bring them back.

AppSumo Webinars

For selected tools, the AppSumo team puts together a webinar with the toolmaker.

This is 30+ minutes and gives a much deeper look at the tool. Something they can’t do with the 3-minute review that they do for every tool.

It’s hosted on their YouTube page, and if there is one for a tool of interest, make sure you check that out before you buy.

Of the active deals now, some of the tools do have webinars.

Your takeaway

Through this post, I wanted to introduce AppSumo to anyone who was unaware of this site.

Why it is that if you’re a solopreneur, a content creator or a small business owner, you need to check out AppSumo as a weekly routine.

Check back in with the AppSumo deals section on this post for finding the best deals running at the time. I’ll start updating it weekly for ease.

I also have a post about AppSumo alternatives. I can’t say they’re better but they do offer good deals different from those on AppSumo. So check that out.

Let me know your thoughts on this post and AppSumo, down in the comments.


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