About Us


I’m Aditya. Ex-engineer. Practicing blogger.

I’m currently working out of a co-working space in Bengaluru, India.  

I spent 10 years studying and later working in IT. It didn’t work out great. I spent a fair bit of time figuring out my next move.

I ended up blogging full-time. My initial idea was to blog about my interests. But the idea of reviewing movies didn’t really strike me as adding much value.

That’s when writing about something more useful, to me and others, felt like the right thing to do. So here I am, with this blog on Actionable Tools.

I’ll be blogging on the tools that every online entity needs to have to grow. The idea came from some of the tools I’ve used so far.

It’s a colorful world of tools out there, and I’d love to spend time making sense of them.

In between IT and blogging for myself, I had a few stops. One was building voice apps or skills, for Alexa.

It was fun and didn’t require coding! It didn’t take off, but the time spent and what I ended up with is very satisfying.

I also wrote about it for a Medium publication. That was when I realized the blogging thing may be more my style.

Away from work, I watch movies. 6-7 movies a week on average.

I try, unsuccessfully for the most part, to follow a keto diet. It’s worked out reasonably well for me. The Keto diet is also something I’d like to blog about. But one project at a time.

I’ll be putting the odd story here and there in the blogs. So that’ll be a better way to get to know me than any About Me page I can come up with.

If this thing works out, I’ll get to know a bit about you too.

Not sure how to sign off, except to say I hope you find this thing I’m doing useful.